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Dental Home for your Child:

‘Hello! Tooth’ offers comprehensive dental services for infants to teens. Our specialized doctors are committed to provide best dental care under one roof. With the latest technology and customized service, we ensure your child has a comfortable and pleasant dental experience.

Our dedication to excellence in dentistry includes laser dentistry, most advanced aesthetic and restorative materials, dental stem cell preservation; portable-digital X-rays and evidence based preventive treatment plans. We are particularly conscious about cleanliness, sterilization protocol and adhere to the essential guidelines

Pediatric dental care includes:

Cosmetics dental treatment is generally carried out in order to enhance and beautify your smile, and as we at HELLO! TOOTHCARE COMPLETELY DIGITALIZED, you can predict smile of your child from before.
The specialty deals primarily with the diagnosis, prevention and correction of malposition teeth and the jaws. Our specialist doctors have made it best, easy and esthetic with completely new range of invisible braces.
Sports dentistry:
Sport dentistry is the treatment and prevention of oral/facial athletic injuries and related oral diseases and manifestations.In sports, the challenge is to maximize the benefits of participation and to limit injuries. Sports dentistry has a major role to play in this area. Hence at hello! Tooth our specialist explains and delivers personalized plans for athletes.
Conscious sedation:

Our team is well skilled and have mastered inhalational conscious sedation technique. we are in-house equipped with conscious sedation facility for anxious kids. This not only allows the dental procedure to complete in a safe way but also enables the kid to accept and facilitate further dental treatments.

General Anesthesia:

Anxious kids make it difficult for the dentists to treat them. In that case a safe option is to put the child under general anesthesia. Our team meticulously follows the guidelines and carries the treatment with all necessary measures.


Endodontic treatment in children involves the pulp of teeth. The pulp contains the tooth nerve. It also contains blood vessels that provide the tooth o2 as well as nutrition. When the pulp is injured or infected, endodontic treatment is often done to make an effort to save the tooth

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