Patient Education

Patient Education

Frequently Asked Questions


When Should First Dental Appointment Be?

According to American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD):

You must fix an appointment with the dentist when the first tooth of the baby erupts ( i.e – 6 months ) or latest by the kid’s 1st birthday.


Why Baby Teeth Are Important?

A baby starts developing teeth in the third month of pregnancy. So a baby is actually born with hidden teeth in the gums.

But the question arises is why to take care of milk teeth when it will eventually fall and make way for permanent teeth?

Permanent teeth start erupting at the age of 6. If milk teeth are decayed or extracted beforehand they will cause space lose, speech and bite problems, which eventually will affect growing phase in children. Thus baby teeth play a very important role in growth and development of child by helping them to bite and chew food properly.Therefore, it is important that one takes care of the baby teeth as they eventually help permanent teeth shape up better.

Can Cavities Be Completely Prevented?

YES, It can!! By newer invention in preventive dentistry, child can be completely cavity free.

As explained in an old saying PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE, it is always better to prevent it than regret later.

Diet and Nutrition

Balanced diet and nutrition plays an essential part for growth and development in growing children.

To avoid cavity, children must avoid sugary food products which create bacteria and turns into acid. These acid attacks have adverse effects on healthy tooth and then formulates into cavity.

  Nutritionist Richa Shah at our center is there to guide you how to take care of your children’s teeth in order to lead cavity free smile.

For Expecting Mothers

There are three stages for expecting mothers. It is very important to take utmost dental care during these periods.

  • Before being Pregnant (Pre-Natal)

It is important to maintain good oral hygiene. Make an appointment with the dentist before you plan and get yourself examined for gum tissues or any other oral health problems. Get your teeth cleaned.  Solve problems beforehand if any.

  • During Pregnancy (Natal)

Pregnancy can cause hormonal changes that can increase the risk of developing gum disease  and an increases risk for periodontal diseases that can also affect the health of your developing baby. Pay special attention to any changes in your gums such as tenderness, bleeding or swelling. Such a condition is called as pregnancy gingivitis. Consult a periodontist immediately in such as case.
As a precautionary measure, one should avoid dental treatments during first and towards the end of third trimester of pregnancy unless there is an emergency.

  • Post Delivery of Baby (Post-Natal)

If you have experienced any gum problems during your pregnancy, see a dentist soon after delivery to solve your periodontal health problems.

If you encounter any dental health problems, get in touch with the dentist at ‘Hello! Tooth’ and proper oral care guidance will be rendered during this important phase of your life.