What are Dental Pulp Stem Cells?



Teeth are now being seen as precious since they are also a source of stem cells (found in dental pulp of milk teeth). These stem cells can also be found in the permanent teeth of teenagers and young adults. They can be extracted during any orthodontic procedure.

Dental pulp stem cells (DPSCs) exhibit ‘Mesenchymal Stem Cell’ (MSC’s) like qualities found in bone marrow, capable to be induced in vitro to differentiate into osteoblasts (bone cell), Chondrocytes (cartilage cell), adipocytes (fat cell), astrocytes (cells of the brain and spinal cord). These cells have high growth potential and proliferation rates than stem cells from other tissue sources. The stem cells which are obtained from Dental Pulp exhibits ‘Mesenchymal Stem Cells’ which may be used to treat tissue and organ related diseases

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